I always hoped that some day I could come to this board and announce that I had adopted Honeycutt.…but financial concerns made me hesitate to take on the long term responsibility of another horse. I’m very sad to say that I have made the decision instead to sell my farm in Silverdale. Not only can I not afford it any more, I also have finally admitted to myself that keeping up a five acre property by myself is just too hard. 

Yesterday I delivered Honeycutt to Jaime’s where he will spend the next week before moving on to a new foster home. Jaime can tell you more about it, but I know that it is a beautiful place where he will be very well cared for. 

I love this horse, and it breaks my heart to say goodbye to him. I feel like I’ve let him down, because I promised him that I would always take care of him. I have to keep reminding myself that SAFE will always be there for him, and that he will be more than fine in the future. But I am going to really miss him.