Honeycutt got his feet trimmed yesterday. He was a pretty good boy for the farrier.…he’s getting better and better at dealing with new people. There was one little incident that really surprised me.…he had a moment of panic while in the cross ties, and he went flying backwards with his head in the air…I had a hold of his lead rope…and as I went towards his head to unsnap the cross ties, I spoke to him and he actually listened to me and stopped struggling! I was so surprised and pleased because from the look in his eye, he was outta there! But he overcame his fear once again. I unhooked the cross ties after that and we did the rest of the trim with just me holding him, and he was good as gold. I know this story is not very dramatic, but for Honeycutt, it was a huge accomplishment.

I love this horse. I had a bad day a few days back and needed a shoulder to cry on, and Honeycutt was there for me. So add that to his list of good points: he soaks up tears and will even give you a hug if you need it. :)