Quarter Horse
Snip, RF sock
May 9, 2004

1125 lbs

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Cosmo and his five herdmates were surrendered to SAFE by their owner, who was no longer physically or financially able to properly care for them. The horses were in decent weight but had not had farrier or dental care in some time. The horses have all been trimmed by SAFE’s farrier Daphne Jones, and despite their badly overgrown hooves, we are confident that they will fully recover from their neglect. Cosmo’s x-rays taken at SAFE were clean — he is sound and should remain so with proper hoof care. We are told that Cosmo is well broke so we had Joel Conner work with him when he was here for a clinic in September. Cosmo did great but there were a few holes in the training that we wanted Joel to help us clean up. Cosmo is now in in Ellensburg for a short 3 week training refresher with Joel and will be home early October.

Getting to know Cosmo

This handsome 13 year old gelding is proving to be a very nice gentleman and is very easy to handle. We were told that he has been started and ridden on trails. All of his medical evaluations have come back clear. His dental float and xrays of his front hooves were both normal with no surprises.

Since he has been so gentle to work with I have been doing groundwork in preparation for riding the past few weeks. Last week I put the saddle on for the first time and he was very comfortable wearing it. He was just a little playful when asked to go up to the canter but no bucking or issues. He needs some time to get stronger and balanced in his movements. This guy is going to be a great riding partner!

Farrier day for the new horses

Farrier Daphne Jones came out today to work on the badly neglected hooves of our new horses. She was able to trim all of them, except for Angel, who was very reluctant to have her hind feet handled. Daphne worked with her to get her more accustomed to having her hinds picked up, and will be back out very soon to attempt another trim. The good news is that as bad as their feet looked when we picked them up, Daphne was able to make everyone’s hooves look relatively normal again. With proper hoof care, these horses should remain sound.

Six new horses to introduce

SAFE has recently taken in 6 new horses. They were surrendered to us by their owner, who was no longer able to care for them, due to physical and financial set backs. The horses were all in decent weight, but had not received farrier or dental care in many years. Most had extremely overgrown feet, causing lameness and discomfort. Two other horses belonging to the same owner were humanely euthanized due to pain and old age.

Our decision to take these horses was based on several factors. We felt that without our intervention, the horses would continue to suffer, and were likely to become thin once winter set in. We also have reason to believe that there was a genuine risk that one or all of the mares would be impregnated, either accidentally or intentionally.

The six horses now reside at Safe Harbor in Redmond. Valor is stalled at night and spends his days in a private paddock. The other five are living together in a small pasture where they can be safely quarantined from the rest of the herd.

3 year old QH stallion, now a gelding
11 year old QH mare
dam of Valor
27 year old QH mare
dam of Cosmo
13 year old QH gelding
son of Angel
  CJ (Calamity Jane)
17 year old QH mare
19 year old QH mare


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