palomino & white
Approx YOB:
674 lbs*
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*Jewel is suitable for a balanced rider (& tack) weighing up to 135-169 lbs max.

Jewel is a palomino & white Paint mare who came to SAFE in an emaciated condition with a severe parasite load, lice, a poor coat, overgrown hooves, and facial indentations from a halter that was too small for her. Jewel made a full recovery from her neglect and blossomed into a lovely young horse. Jewel has done a great deal of ground work and liberty training while at SAFE and she’s done very well in her lessons. She was very easy to start under saddle, and she is currently going well at all three gaits! Jewel and a young rider named Claire cliniced with Buck Brannaman and did exceptionally well. Jewel is ridden on a regular basis by her volunteer rider, and under the guidance of trainer Joel Conner, the pair has made tremendous progress together. Jewel is a well trained horse with horse show and trail riding experience who will take someone very far!

VIDEO: Jewel under saddle — Spring 2017

Spring Photos with Jewel

Show Update: Cameo & Jewel

This past weekend Cameo and Jewel went to their first show of the season at the ride and review at Hollywood Hills Saddle Club. It was Cameo’s first show and she did amazing! Her volunteer rider Lindsay has been working on her trailer skills and our little frightened Arabian mare did a fabulous job. She has really grown up!

The ride and review was a great start to the show year. They were able to run through their tests and then had a 30 minute lesson with the judge. Both riders said that the feedback from the judge was great and they felt really good about how the horses did and what they can work on for next time. Here are some photos of girls during their lesson:

Jewel and Casey:

Cameo & Lindsay:

Jewel getting some body work

The cold weather has been hard on all of us. The horses and volunteers had to endure a few weeks of abnormally low temperatures for our area and we are all looking forward to warmer spring and summer months! One of the biggest problems is the very hard ground in our dry lot for turnout. Unfortunately, Jewel went out there and jumped around and came in sore. To help release some of the tight muscles in her neck and hind, Lori spent some time massaging her. She really liked the work and we took this funny video of the great releases she was getting and all the BIG yawns! Jewel is feeling better now and back to work. We are going to make sure that Lori gets to her on a regular basis and have the chiropractor come out again soon. All good things to help her feel her best and like all of us… make it through the cold weather!

Joel Conner Clinic Report: Jewel

We are so grateful for the help of our volunteer riders. Casey is one of a very special group of people who make SAFE a great community, working together to train and find adoption homes for our horses. She has been studying and working up to five times a week out at the arenas with her string of SAFE horses. We love to see all the progress she is making with them and to hear of her successes with both Jewel and Stevie in this past Joel Conner clinic. Here is a bit from Casey about the experience with Jewel:

Jewel and Casey
Jewel and Casey

Jewel was awesome in the clinic, and we got some great changes under saddle. At the clinic in August, we were struggling with going forward, particularly up to the canter. She was reactive to the leg and would stop, pin her ears, try to bite my leg and refuse to move. To help with this issue, Joel had us doing many transitions up to the canter on a long rein and then petting her down to the walk. Going into the clinic this weekend, she was feeling much more willing in her transitions. In addition, Joel showed us a figure eight exercise that really has her lifting and balancing. We yield hindquarters in the first part of the circle, reach the front quarters on the second half and then straight through the center. This is really helping Jewel find balance, which has resulted in greater comfort in her transitions. She is even offering canter of her own accord. Jewel is a lovely mare and is so ready for her forever home!


Here are photos of Casey working with Jewel at the clinic:




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