Honeycutt wants grain

Did you forget something?

Lots of days this happens: Mom gives grain to Jay and Chance, but when I look into my bowl, it’s empty! Then I have to stare at Mom to remind her that I didn’t get any grain. She says, Sorry Honeycutt, because I am too fat for grain eating every day. If I try to taste Jay’s grain, he makes a nasty face and that means go away! this is my grain! So it’s back to staring at Mom. If I was in the same area as the Big Baby, I could take his grain away because he is scared of me! But Mom keeps us apart at feeding time. All I can do is stare at Mom and wish I had some tasty, tasty grain.

A  lot of you want to see my painting that is going to be for sale at the auction, but I told you that you people need to tell my Mom you’re coming to her party first. There are 21 people coming to the party so far, but I want to know that 50 people are coming to the party and then I will show you my painting.

And I am thinking about my poem book. I want to write a poem book, but I’m wondering, do you like my poems? Because most of my poems are about eating. It’s what I think about. So do you like a poem book that is about eating? I am not sure.

Today is a day of being not sure. But it was also a day of getting grain. I am the best grain eater in the world, because I always finish first. Then I ask Jay if he’s going to finish his and he makes a nasty face and that means go away! this is my grain! That means no grain for me.

Do you know my Facebook page? It’s https://www.facebook.com/dont.sit.on.me You can read my haiku there if you don’t want to wait for my poem book to be made.