Domino, our regal old gelding, was featured recently on the Limelight Pet Project. As always, they do a wonderful job of showcasing our herd, through their interviews and photo sessions. Here is what they had to say about our sweet guy, Domino:

Meet Domino. He is a 26-year-old Registered Paint Quarter Horse who is waiting for his forever home with our friends at Save A Forgotten Equine in Redmond.

The handsome horse has recently been named King of The Heart of the Horse event at SAFE. And a king he is! Domino is a true gentleman and surveys the property from his paddock. He keeps his eyes on all the other horses to make sure all is well. He does have a favorite though…the Chestnut Mares. He whinnies and nickers at them whenever he gets close to them. What is it about the redheads?

Domino would not say no to a May/December romance with a Chestnut Mare, as long as there was a fence between them. All relationships require proper boundaries.

Domino loves people. He is very affectionate and loves to be groomed. He sees it as a bonding experience with the human.

Domino is an “easy keeper” and is good with other submissive geldings. Although Domino has a lot of personality, he needs routine and structure in his life. He doesn’t do well with change.

He prefers a non confined space, because he is so social. Even in the winter, when he has to be in the barn, he needs to have his head out of his stall so he can see the other horses. He needs a larger space, allowing for movement.

Domino has been retired from riding and his perfect home would have another older companion gelding. He loves spending time outside, especially if he can survey the property and the other horses.”

Check out the great interview Domino was a part of below. Could he be the king of your castle? Put in an application, and come meet him today! He is more than ready for his forever home.