We welcomed two new faces to our herd this week, Theo and Champagne!

As they both arrived at SAFE early in January 2024, they are our little babies ‘New Year.’ The name is quite fitting, for while not technically babies, they are likely both under 4 – close enough. The two were part of a large animal control seizure in Island County, and were held in foster care for almost a year, which is why they look so healthy. They are both stallions, but they’ll be transformed into Happy Geldings on Jan 18th.

The two tow-headed boys (Theo is a palomino, and little Champagne is the same color as his name implies) are both stallions, which they will remain for about a week ahead of their gelding date on the 18th. Both are real sweeties, though Champagne is very nervous around people, and easily spooked. We work daily on helping him get more comfortable being touched and haltered. Yes, he is tremendously cute, but don’t get too attached — there is already an adopter waiting in the wings to help continue Champagne’s gentling journey once he is gelded. What a lucky boy!

Theo is all leg, looking very much his young age (likely under 3). He is an incredibly sweet guy, allowing us to measure him, blanket him, and even wash his hind end (Theo came to us with raging diarrhea, but he’s all better now). His is a mellow personality, though he does call to the pretty ladies as they walk by. Theo will remain in SAFE’s care, where he will continue to grow up and eventually join our horsemanship program.

Both new boys have been dewormed (they both had positive fecal egg counts) and received their first rounds of vaccines, which they took like champs. Ahead of their upcoming gelding, they are settling in well to life at the barn, enjoying their three daily meals and all the love that accompanies being a SAFE horse!