We have a new horse to introduce…a little horse…his name is Pogo and today he is a pony stallion, but that will change this Friday when Dr Fleck arrives to transform him into a happy gelding.

Pogo was surrendered to SAFE by his owners who were not able to keep him or successfully rehome him as a stallion. SAFE had originally arranged for Pogo to be gelded at home, but the vet was concerned that his owners didn’t have the skills or the space to provide him with necessary after care. So in the end, we felt we had no choice but to take him in.

Pogo is cute as can be, but he’s very nippy and has already attempted to bite several people here at SAFE, so we are handling him with caution. He’s a silver bay with a dark body and a long flowing flaxen mane. Sadly, his striking appearance has been downgraded a bit because someone gave him a terrible haircut: his thick forelock has been bluntly cut off just above his eyes, and it looks pretty silly. Pogo needs a hairdresser who can fix this bowl cut until it grows out!

We’ll have more to report about Pogo in a few days after his gelding procedure. In the meantime, he’s in quarantine at SAFE for the next three weeks.