Ever since Sparky came under our care in 2022, we held the idea of another mini donkey coming through our program who could be the second pea to Sparky’s pod. Donkeys do best with their own, and we could think of no better way to improve his quality of life than by introducing a friend who looked like him and talked like him. But we are a rescue, and by nature those needing help seek us out, not the other way around.

So when we got word that there was a miniature donkey in need of help, we could not help but feel like our silent call had been answered. Rojo was a miniature donkey gelding, the same age as Sparky, and nearly the same size — admittedly, a little slimmer and shorter of hair, but no less cute.

We were hopeful that Rojo would be the friend to Sparky we were quietly dreaming of. And indeed, he was. The two instantly became a little herd, and it became difficult to differentiate where one began and the other ended. Two little grey donkeys, with their winter coats on, quite similar if you were to squint.

But Rojo was his own man outside of being Sparky’s friend. Though with a fuzzy coat he could be Sparky’s twin, it would be fraternal and not identical. He is a slightly darker grey, and all shed out his coat almost feels clipped. His head is larger, with bottom eyelash markings that almost look penciled in. He is a sweet guy who also enjoys a scratch on the rump and who will not shy away from human attention.

Rojo is currently living alongside Sparky at Jackie L’s place, lovingly dubbed ‘slacker camp’ to denote exactly how much is expected of the residents there. He has daily playtime with Sparky and the other residents there, plenty of long grooming sessions, and a ton of love. Rojo and Sparky will be returning to SAFE at regular intervals to help with events and for visits, but in the meantime they are living their very best lives, buddied up at last!