Sage and Pyrrha were seized by Animal Control due to neglect and lack of care. The two mares had essentially been abandoned in a field and left to fend for themselves for quite some time. They were both in poor weight with massive amounts of dirty, matted fur all over their bodies. Pyrrha was believed to be in her early 30s, and Sage, a pony mare, was closer to 23 years of age. Unsurprisingly neither horse had much in the way of ground manners, but both responded well to kind and patient handling.

Our best guess is that Pyrrha is a TB/QH cross, and she seems to be a lot younger than 30. She has a brand on her left hip that appears to be a 773, which leads us to believe that she was a ranch horse at one point in her life. Once she was trimmed by a farrier, she began to display a lot of energy, and she appears completely sound.

Here are a series of photos taken by Pyrrha’s foster mom: