Wren came to SAFE back in May as part of a 7 horse rescue from the Gig Harbor area. She was living in a 4‑horse herd, and while initially curious, she was somewhat cautious around people at first, preferring to keep her distance.

But after her arrival here and those those initial days working with her, catching her with a rope in the round pen and beginning the halter starting process, Wren proved to be a very adept student. She was not, like some of her cohorts, unwilling to be pet, and was quickly able to be haltered after those first sessions.

Perhaps it was because she had not been “messed with” very much, but once in regular work, Wren had very little trouble with the introduction of new stimulus like the flag, and the rope. She was quick to learn how to pick up her feet, and stood very well for her first trim. She was the first of her herd to leave the nest, so to speak, and was able to participate in the groundwork portion of Joel’s July clinic outside of a round pen just a few weeks after her arrival.
We are so accustomed to horses coming through our program who have a lot to work through, that when we get a horse like Wren who has a better understanding than most, it almost feels like something is wrong. It should be more difficult, we think to ourselves, as she walks into the barn for the first time with hardly a squeak, or lets us start preparation for saddling only after a handful of sessions. But perhaps this is just what it’s like when starting colts who don’t come with a truckload of baggage. Regardless, when we get a horse like Wren, we do not take her willingness for granted.

And all this isn’t to say that Wren was going through the motions without any kind of challenge. There were still spots in there and things that she found difficult. It’s just that it took her a lot less time to come to an understanding of what was being asked of her, and we were more easily able to help her out of what trouble she did come across. She is a lovely mare, and we expect her to keep progressing through our training program at a good clip. Now that she has been removed from her previous situation, it will be quite exciting to see just what the future has in store for such a bright young lady!