For the most part, once a horse comes to SAFE, they will stay on property until they make their way to their forever home. But on rare occasions, a circumstance arises that is too perfect for us to pass up. When an alumni adopter reached out to us expressing her interest in bringing a horse to foster, we could hardly say no. Her pasture acreage would be any horse’s dream summer residence, so the hard part would be choosing a horse. The vast majority of the horses at SAFE are active participants in our horsemanship program, working on going under saddle or becoming more gentle on the ground. Others are in the midst of their rehabbing, or otherwise require a more intensive feed or medication schedule.

Inula, because of her ringbone diagnosis, would not be a riding horse. And while she was learning and providing education on the ground, she is gentle enough to not require intensive work. She is also young — only just five. In short, she was a good choice to send to summer vacation.

So this week, Inula packed her bag (or we packed it for her, seeing as she lacks thumbs) and headed to her summer home a couple miles north. She loaded right up into the trailer, and was quiet on the ride over. Her foster mom took her for an introductory walk around her new home, and her new roommates were very curious about her, as was she about them. They will take their time getting acquainted through the panels first, and will eventually go out together. We are so happy for Inula to have the opportunity to summer somewhere with beautiful grass, and a wonderful foster mom to take care of her!