This is a record breaking adoption!! Our Irene was at SAFE for a short 3.5 weeks and it only took 11 days for Irene’s new adopter, Stanalee, to meet her and fall in love. That’s incredible! Stanalee came to us looking for a pasture mate for her mare, Kihanna (a SAFE alumni) after recently losing their herd mate, Haley. In fact, it’s the same reason Stanalee first came to us 7 years ago and adopted Kihanna (aka Kiki) as a friend for Haley. We hit the jackpot with Stanalee who turns to SAFE each time her dear horse friends are looking for a pal. She has their best interest at heart and continues to support rescue horses by choosing to give them a second chance.

Previously, Irene, along with another horse, was living under the care of an owner suffering from dementia. Unfortunately, due to her own condition, the owner was unable to provide for the horses as she once had. Both horses were seniors, and one was suffering from a chronic lameness. It was clear that all parties required assistance. The community surrounding the woman came together, and along with King County Animal Control, we were able to step in and get the horses the help they needed. Irene’s counterpart was laid to rest, putting an end to the pain and discomfort from her lameness, and Irene made her way to SAFE in early March.


Irene, now named Honey, went home in early April and the next morning we received this report:

I put them in the same field this morning. They are already bonded like glue! Neither would leave the gate area! They each went to a stall and are happily munching their breakfast. No drama so far. I’m so happy. Kiki is the most happy, interested and engaged I’ve seen her since our Haley went lame. I think this was a match made in heaven!”

It brings us such happiness we were part of creating a match made in heaven for two sweet mares who both suffered recent losses of their long time buddies. A big thank you to Stanalee for your kind heart and providing loving homes for horses in need.