Congratulations to our January Volunteer of the Month, Bill Conquergood! Bill has been sharing his time, hard work and super friendly spirit for just over a year and a half! He is an AM Chore Volunteer Extraordinaire, showing up not only weekly on the Thursday morning team, but also filling in for other shifts that are shorthanded, as he is part of our Emergency Fill-In Volunteers. We should also take a moment to talk about the delicious brownies he bakes; if you’ve had one before, you’re probably craving one right now!!! We are so thankful that Bill found his way to SAFE (and so are our horses). Thank you, Bill, for all of your time, love and care that you share so freely to help make sure the horses of SAFE are loved, cared for and know just how important they are! Learn more about Bill below.

How and when did you first get involved with horses? Do you have one now you want to tell us about?

I read and watched numerous videos of what happens to these poor creatures as they are neglected, abused, forgotten, and overworked. I realized I wanted to get involved.  My first idea was to adopt as many donkeys as humanly possible.  We had recently acquired 10 acres out in Carnation and I was putting together plans on how I could save some.  Lisa (my wife) thought I should try volunteering first since neither one of us were raised around horses or donkeys.  As luck would have it, SAFE was right down the road from us and so the adventure started.


What do you like most about volunteering with SAFE?

I enjoy the volunteers at SAFE and their passion on making the lives of these animals as safe and loving as possible.


Do you have a favorite SAFE horse? If so, why?

Sparky!  I enjoyed my time with him and enjoyed working around him and giving him plenty of love. The horses are why we are here but the people are just amazing.  Why else would someone stand in horse poop?


What do you do when you are not horsing around with us?

I spend a fair amount of time volunteering for Fred Hutch Cancer Research.  They are as passionate about finding a cure for cancer as the SAFE volunteers are for saving the lives of equines.  Currently, I pick up patients and/or family members to/from the airport their appointments at Fred Hutch or if they are staying longer to their accommodations. If anyone is looking for more volunteering Fred Hutch has a lot of opportunities.

Do you have family or special people in your life who support your volunteer work that you would want us to mention in your write up?

For sure my wife, Lisa.  She has grown as caring for these animals as I have.