Jasper is adopted! Connie came to SAFE looking for a companion for her 19 year old mare, Poppy, who had recently lost her gelding companion. When she met Jasper, Connie immediately fell in love with his soft eyes.

Jasper came to SAFE in the summer of 2020 as a very nervous boy, easily startled and spooked. He had spent most of his life being passed from one home to the next and through no fault of his own, he became a challenging horse to deal with due to his lack of confidence and relaxation. At first we thought Jasper had the potential to be a riding horse, but we quickly realized the amount of stress wearing a saddle caused him was not fair. In his late teens, the damage and fears developed in his past as a riding horse appeared too great of a challenge for him to overcome. We made the decision to offer Jasper as a companion so he could live the rest of his life free of fear. He blossomed in our training program with his volunteer rider. We watched this handsome gelding go from easily spooked and hard to catch to seeking head scratches from people who passed by his stall window. Everyone fell in love with him and we are so happy Connie did too.

Jasper was headed to the Game Farm in Sequim, when a Good Samaritan stepped in to give him one more chance and contacted us. Now over a year later, he headed back across the Puget Sound to Port Townsend, where this time he will live a life free of worry with a big family of 4 donkeys, an alpaca, a llama and of course, Connie and Poppy.