Yet another happy ending for a member of the Graham 27, as we said our goodbyes to Jax last month as he made the journey to his new home. From the beginning he proved himself as one of the most easily adoptable of the bunch (not that a horse’s singular value is in riding, but in this realm he was pretty safe and relatively uncomplicated, traits that take a bit longer to nurture in some), but his kissing spines diagnosis a few months in meant that he had a bit of an asterisk attached to his name. After injecting his back and rehabbing him, it appeared to both us and our vets that his comfort was increased to such a degree that he could go under saddle as a light riding horse.

It was kismet, then, that our neighbors at Raven Rock Ranch were looking for a horse with Jax’s exact specifications. In his new life, he would be an equine therapist for trauma-impacted youth. Raven Rock has adopted from us before, and their standards of care for their horses are top tier. Jax would not only fit perfectly into their program, but would continue to receive the necessary upkeep and care for his kissing spines for the rest of his life. We could not be happier for this match.

Special thanks to Bonnie, for the many hours of training and love to help him get to this adoptable place. Also to our vets at Rainland, who helped us develop and implement a plan to get Jax to place where his pain is managed. It really takes a village, and thanks to a great team, we could truly give Jax the best possible end to his story at SAFE. 

In his new life at Raven Rock, Jax is called Rex, which means king (and with his royal TB bloodlines, it’s very fitting.) He is turned out with another thoroughbred mare called Roo, and the two were smitten with one another from first sight. The queen to his king, they are never far apart (but when one of them does leave, we hear reports that the other remains perfectly calm waiting for their friend to return). He is also turned out with a very small friend, who he treats with respect, as any great leader should. 

We are truly over the moon for this royal boy, and can’t wait to hear future continued updates about his great new life!