Report from trainer Brittney Stewart on her visit with Jewel today:

Jewel was fine to handle. I did have a sharp growl at her when I went to halter her and I thought she was thinking of showing me her hindquarters. She submitted to haltering and was good about the exam. A little squirrelly unsure, but Dr Megan McCracken got done what was needed. 

She said she is sound and we can start training her. As her chest fills out she’ll look less crooked. She thinks her putting on weight is why it looks less crooked. Being super picky, Megan said she has a little more effusion right hock and left stifle, but that can just be Jewell’s normal way. 

Trotting cantering in uneven field of slippery rocks she looked sound. She had one lame step to right, but it was really rocky and slick, so Megan said she wouldn’t count that against her and looked sound going to the right afterwards.