One of our volunteers, Sue Coulter, worked with Jill in the clinic a few weekends ago. This is what she had to say:

I was fortunate to work with Jill during two days of the groundwork portion of the Joel Conner Clinic, November 2021.  Jill is a young mare, very soft, and well trained in groundwork, so all in all a pleasure to handle. I was able to work on and improve the angle to achieve hind quarters, and also on getting more life in her responses.  Joel talked about being with her in all actions, and focusing on this really helped to improve our interaction, and also her expression.  I also felt like I achieved a good change in her responsiveness when asking her to move forward or back quickly, and stop on a dime, regardless of direction she was traveling.

There is always more to improve on. I look forward to working more with Jill on integrating the flag into our work. I also want to work more on the hind quarter, front quarter sequence while traveling forward on a line.  Happily, I have my homework until the next clinic. Thanks to SAFE for providing me the opportunity, and to Joel and Jill.”