Kaya calls Jill, Beans, which is short for Jillybeans. She has many names. Jill was started under saddle at the Joel Connor Clinic a few weeks ago. Joel had the first couple of rides and then Kaya was also able to ride her. Here’s what Kaya had to say about her:

Jill has a hard time following a feel and is very wiggly to ride, most likely because she is young. She is a little herd bound, which is why it is hard to get her to focus sometimes. She wonders what her friends are doing. Jill is a great student when she is paying attention. She makes me laugh a lot. She drinks water by diving her whole head in the water bucket. We are now working on being bridled. She seems to enjoy the bit, as it’s something she’s actually allowed to bite!

We are excited to see this little goofball bloom into a great riding partner.