Clinic report from Kaya M:

Even though this was my fourth clinic riding Anderson, I think we made more positive changes together than the past three combined! I had a huge learning moment myself that gave me more confidence and control and gave Anderson a better expression: fully releasing in the canter. It sounds simple and obvious, but I didn’t even realize before that I wasn’t doing this. Every time I would eventually get a canter, I would have an internal dialogue of “he’s going to break, gotta keep him going” and that made my legs tight and kept me nagging at him without ever fully releasing or rewarding his forward movement. After figuring this out (and finding some more effective ways to get him moving) Andy was a little energizer bunny with relatively happy ears! It was so fun to be able to work on some of the other exercises, like leg yielding, with life and without having to pick fights all the time! I’m excited to keep working on this and see just how soft and happy Anderson can be.