by Kaya M.

Sweet Barb is coming along so well with her training! She started the last clinic weekend a little dull and Joel explained that she needed to get her feet a little freer so that she could voice her opinion. We worked a lot on freeing up her feet and changing eyes. We also did a lot of rope work, including roping all four feet and leading off of them. Towards the end of the clinic Barb showed off a little attitude, but in a good way! She was free enough that she wasn’t just merely putting up with the rope around her, she questioned it and expressed her discomfort. This allowed me to show her how she can still move and the rope is not restricting her freedom. We continue working on this point and she is getting more and more accepting of things like the rope around her cinch area and a stirrup on the opposite eye from me. Hopefully she’ll be ready to saddle at the next clinic! Either way, she’s a smart little one and is really fun to work with!