Sue C worked with Brandy during the last Joel Conner clinic, and had the following to say about her time spent with this special mare:

This weekend I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Brandy during the groundwork portion of the Joel Conner clinic. Brandy is a 27 year old quarter horse mare who has had little training with groundwork, and is very tied to her paddock mate Bandit. Despite this she handled the clinic like a champ with much less calling out and looking for Bandit than I expected. She was nervous in the beginning, but really warmed up to the work. We started with just asking for a unified circle, followed by a good step or two at hindquarters, then back to a unified circle. We practiced doing this with a lengthening lead rope until she was really moving away from me when I asked her to move her hind. Once she got good at this she progressed to moving her front quarters more easily. She was occasionally distracted and looking for Bandit, but it was quite easy to get her focused again. I felt like she was really with me leading in both directions, and over the course of the weekend she maintained this focus even when Bandit left the arena. She is a sweet mare, relatively untroubled and I hope that the work we did is a step towards more flexibility in where she goes next. I appreciate the education from both Joel and Brandy and hope to get to work with her again.”