SAFE volunteer Casey worked with Cameo during the groundwork portion of the clinic:

I worked Cameo in the Joel Conner clinic for the first time since she returned to SAFE. The first day her feet were quite stuck and she had changing eyes issues, which resulted in some concerning behaviors, including striking out with her front feet. With Joel’s guidance, I was able to help her work through that trouble and got her feet a bit more free. This was evident on the second day, because she moved out much more comfortably and was better able to reach her front feet and bring them across. On the ground she looks completely sound, and I believe that getting her feet freed and balanced will help her maintain soundness both on the ground and under saddle. Before I ride her, I want to continue to work on freeing up her feet, and get to working on changing eyes so that she becomes more comfortable both mentally and physically. Once she feels like she can move, those concerning behaviors should clear up pretty quickly. She’s a great horse with a lot of try, so I’m really looking forward to working with her.