Kaya M has been working with Declan, and had the opportunity to take him in the groundwork section of the clinic this past week. Though he is a new arrival here at SAFE, he is gentle enough that he is able to get right to work in our program! Here’s what Kaya had to say about their time spent together over the weekend:

“This is one special horse! The amount of try and motivation that Declan showed over the weekend and since is both impressive and surprising to me. After being ridden when he was younger, but spending many years without experience, it’s clear that Declan has a huge heart and is putting in all his effort to overcoming past difficulties.

Declan has quite a brace in his hindquarters. Moving his ribcage and shoulder out and away from pressure is difficult for him and requires very frequent reminders. Helping Declan with this movement will hopefully translate to him feeling more confident and balanced when ridden.

Riding Declan can be a bit hairy at this point. He’s very upright and takes short little strides. Through more lateral work, we’re hoping he’ll be able to start lowering his head, relaxing, and moving more freely. I’ve already seen a bit of change in this good boy and I can’t wait to keep working with him! While Declan is currently a bit of a challenge, I’m so confident that he’ll pull through and make a really nice, sweet horse for someone.”