Kaya has been putting in a lot of work with Jill, and as a result, she is going beautifully under saddle! Here’s what Kaya had to say:

Jill is a joy to ride! She did so well in the clinic with all the other horses in the big arena and stayed calm and with me even during a downpour. Jill does take a little longer warm up time, but I realized that if I took more time to work with her on the ground, she was more immediately settled under saddle. After Jill settles into work, she focuses hard and has amazing try. We worked a lot on getting her front end freer and connected with my reins and this, combined with working on balance in other areas, led to a more consistent correct lead when going to the right. All in all, Jill got some great changes over the weekend and I’m so excited to continue working on these things and more! I can’t say enough good things about Jill. Her future adopter is going to be a very lucky person.