What a superstar Millie was during the recent Joel Conner Horsemanship Clinic at SAFE! The first day she took the lay of the land. It was her first time in an area with so many other horses and she was interested in meeting them all. She did well focusing on me and listening but there were moments of quiet nickers when a new friend came near. We worked on getting more comfortable with the flag as well as the rope work. She had some BIG changes to standing relaxed as I swung a rope to her side. We also addressed leading off of pressure and Joel broke down a few methods to help her give to the leading rope that were very helpful.

During the clinic, Joel demonstrated how to introduce the trailer to horses. The only other time Millie had been in a trailer was when we moved her to SAFE. That time we just let her follow her friend Hoss into the trailer. This time was a bit different. She is now halter broke and we can teach her to lead in because she wants to and not by force. This short video shows her thinking and working through what is being asked as she learns that the trailer is not a scary place to be but actually a very relaxed and peaceful space.