Casey had a few things to share with us about her rides on Stella in last weekend’s Horsemanship clinic. The pair continue to look amazing and Stella has matured into a beautiful mare that stands out in any crowd. Casey has done a lovely job bringing her along and continues to put more of a shine on this special girl! Here is what Casey had to say:

Stella had another great clinic! As usual, she was unconcerned by the horses around her and stayed tuned in to my feel. We worked on circles using just my leg and no rein, haunches in, sharper, more engaged canter departs, and moving the forequarters. Overall, she continues to improve in all areas.

She is also beginning to be less touchy about the cinch, saddle strings, and my legs, which has translated to less reactivity and increased responsiveness on the ground and under saddle. However, she is so incredibly sensitive that even the slightest tension in my legs continues to impact her energy as she searches for the correct answer. This is something that I appreciate about Stella, and something that a potential adopter will need to take into consideration. Stella may be petite, but she is a seriously fun and hardworking partner who is ready for her forever home.