We are so grateful for the help of our volunteer riders. Casey is one of a very special group of people who make SAFE a great community, working together to train and find adoptive homes for our horses. She has been studying and working up to five times a week out at the arenas with her string of SAFE horses. We love to see all the progress she is making with them and to hear of her successes with both Jewel and Stevie in this past Joel Conner clinic. Here is a bit from Casey about the experience with Stevie:

stevie_11_18_2016_19At the clinic in August, Stevie was very nervous. He had difficulty with the energy in the indoor and passing the auditors on the outside of the ring. He showed great progress at the clinic this weekend. Though he is clearly still troubled about changing eyes, particularly from right to left, he settled into the high-energy atmosphere much faster. He was also better about passing the auditors. Joel worked with him in the round pen and showed me some areas that I will need to continue working in order to prepare Stevie for his first ride. Stevie is a very sensitive guy, and it’s so great to see how this style of horsemanship is helping him find confidence and balance.

Here are some photos of Stevie at the clinic with Casey and Joel: