Sam and Stevie

Native Washingtonian Samantha Jacobsen is being recognized by Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) horse rescue as July Volunteer of the Month for serving on multiple chore shifts and helping out at special events, most recently at Redmond Derby Days.

Sam has been interested in and involved with horses since childhood. When she was 15, her family moved to Redmond, “where we had about 15 acres and eventually five horses,” she says. “We were there for about 10 years. One of my favorite experiences was when we bred one of our mares. Being a part of the birthing process and then raising the foal was something I will always cherish.”

She discovered SAFE in 2015 while working a a desk job and looking for a volunteer opportunity that involved physical activity. “Luckily, SAFE was the first thing that popped up in my search!”

“I am so proud to be part of this organization,” she says. “I continue to be impressed by the hard work, dedication, devotion and pure love that goes into running SAFE. The people and the horses, of course, keep me coming back. I’ve never felt so good about scooping poop – and knowing that every job contributes to the bigger picture. It’s so rewarding to see, especially with some of our more severe cases, the progress they make not only physically but emotionally as well. Just knowing that the horses know they are now in a safe, loving environment makes me more happy than I can say.” I’m sure this has been said before, but I know that I have benefited tenfold by my experience with SAFE and I plan to be here as long as they will have me.”

Sam says Stevie holds a particularly special place in her heart. He and Lacey (rescued together) were the first complete transformation she witnessed.  “Stevie was so thin, but always so curious and accepting of me when I would muck his stall and paddock. He was like a little puppy. Now, to see both of them so healthy and happy is truly a testament to all the hard work the staff and volunteers have contributed.”

SAFE could not exist without all the many dedicated volunteers like Sam who ensure that SAFE horses have adequate food, water and a clean living environment every day.