At the recent Joel Conner Clinic, Carrie S worked with Brandy in the morning groundwork session, and had the following to say about her experience:

I participated in the ground work class at the June Joel Conner Horsemanship Clinic and had the wonderful opportunity to work with Brandy Snap.  First of all, let’s just celebrate the fact that a 29 year old horse (that’s about 85 in horse years) had a boatload of energy throughout the clinic and nickered happily each morning when I haltered her.  “Do I get to go to school today???”  She was partly right, since she was the teacher and I was the student.  This was my second clinic and Brandy was not giving in to sloppy instructions.  I had thought her stiffness was age related and I was concerned about asking “too much” from her.  Joel helped me understand what she was asking for in terms of pressure that would allow her to soften, flex, and move all four feet fluidly.


Brandy seems to thrive with having a job to do.  She greets each offer to work with energy and gusto.  It takes a lot to get this special mare to relax fully, she is a lead mare after all.  But when she feels she can trust you, her feet get light, she rewards with a small lick and a chew, and she remembers.  She is a precious part of the SAFE herd in that novice handlers are safe with her.  She has so much try and willingness.  She did really well quite separated from her BFF and was friendly with the other horses, even when they were working through some tough spots quite near to her.  She is so ready for her forever home and a very kind and patient teacher for someone who would like to learn this style of horsemanship.”