One of our horsemanship volunteers, Sue, had this to say about working Tilt in the most recent Groundwork Clinic with Tilt:

I was happy to have the opportunity to do groundwork with Tilt at the June 2022 Joel Conner Clinic.  Tilt is a young mare, one of the Fall City 40, who was adopted to a greathome, but sadly had to return to SAFE due to family circumstances. She had probably not done a lot of this work during her time away from us, and had some uncertainty, and braces. She was a bit stuck in front and frightened of the flag when we started.

Tilt is a very smart mare and very eager to please, and I feel like she made a lot of progress over 3 days.  As always, I had my own work to do. I really needed to focus on getting a quality hindquarter move, getting her to move her front end appropriately when I stepped in. We also worked hard on getting her more accustomed to the flag, when it is meaningful, and when it is background noise.  We were unsure about how she would tie, so we worked on this as well, moving her back and forth with the flag. By the end of this she was more comfortable with the flag, and more willing to stand quietly.

Tilt is a sweet mare with a great future ahead of her. I look forward to hearing about her progress! Thanks to Joel and Tilt for the education.”