Jupiter falls under the somewhat rare category of horse we get in at SAFE, which is ‘previously ridden, relatively uncomplicated.’ Don’t get us wrong, there are ways in which Jupiter needs assistance both on the ground and under saddle, and there certainly exists a timeline in which he was not given as much support and therefore did not come along so quickly or so nicely, but Jupiter and SAFE have been a good match.

It is known to us that Jupiter ran barrels in his past, and has in him still the inclination to run a pattern when he gets going. He also has a tendency to be heavy on the forehand, so work is being done to help him set back and use his hind more. But even still, his first rides in the outdoor arena have gone tremendously well. Even without another horse around, his personality is such that he is able to find a lot of support from his rider, and from himself — he definitely leans more towards the confident and self-assured side of the spectrum.

Lexee has been helping him follow a feel, especially when it comes to bringing him down through the gaits. When he first started out, he had a very easy time going fast and gaining speed, but didn’t have as easy a time staying balanced and slowing down. He is making progress in this department, and you can see in the video below how Lexee is able to bring him down off her seat (and how easily he can pet down to a stop, even in a new environment!)

This handsome guy is just about ready to start meeting adopters, and something tells us he won’t be on the shelf for very long!