Jupiter has been dealing with a sore back as of late, and in the midst of his rehabbing (he can do his carrot stretches in his sleep!) he had a visit with our good friend Natalie for a session of bodywork utilizing the Masterson Method. Jupiter was very responsive to the work, and had some great releases. Here is what Natalie had to say about their session:
“Jupiter did very well, he seemed stoic at the beginning and was thinking about his breakfast, but pretty soon he relaxed and started to release.  I did some work on the front end first — poll, tongue releases, shoulders.  He did well with those but when I start on accordions on his back, that’s when he started to yawn!  I stayed very light and he was better with me on his right side than his left.
I also did accordions on his hind end and some Hind end points (light touch).  He finally started shifting from one hind to the other and resting with one leg cocked.
I noticed he had significant “divots” on the outside/front of both hind legs — stifle?  I did notice during Hind End points that when he finally released his right leg, there was a kind of “clunk” to it — as though something was a little bit stuck. That’s when I noticed the divot.  Lily led him and I could feel a little glitch as he took a step — Lily noticed it too when I led him and she felt that area.  I don’t know if it’s just his body or if there is restriction there.
After we were done, we just stood there for a bit with him — and he stayed loose and sleepy — and continued shifting from one hind to the other — I read that as a very good sign of some relaxation in those muscles.”