We are all so excited about the work Justin has been doing at SAFE. Joel saw lots of improvements since his last visit and felt comfortable putting the first rides on him. There really isn’t any way to know what happened in Justin’s past but so far the Horsemanship work is getting him to a peaceful place. It was great to watch him change and develop over the four rides Joel put on him. His neck lengthened and his strides became smooth and untroubled. He walked, trotted, and cantered forward nicely, with good expression and try.

Joel said he thinks he is going to make it, which is a huge improvement from the troubled horse he met just a few month ago. Waiting and getting more groundwork was not a bad thing. With older horses like Justin that come to us with baggage, it takes time and consistency to get changes. Healing his neglected body and repairing the trust lost in people doesn’t happen overnight. He is a sensitive sweet boy and it breaks your heart to think what a frightened life he had before SAFE.

Someone at the clinic asked how we teach them to join up. It’s not something we have to teach them, it’s about us learning to communicate in their language. Each experience with humans at SAFE is helping him gain trust. Being able to sit on him now was a result of many good experiences at SAFE.

After the clinic, Justin went home with our friend and horseman, Ben Hannah. He will spend the next few weeks being ridden by Ben. We are currently taking applications for Justin and scheduling showings early in November. This boy will go fast, so don’t miss your chance to come meet him! Fill out an application today!