Karma after her bath.

Karma after her bath.

We got some exciting news from Dr. Fleck on Karma’s recheck ultrasound. The check ligament is laying down new tissue and healing well! Part of the rehab for this injury will be to begin to “load the leg” by slowly increasing Karma’s work. We’ll begin by adding 5 minutes of trot to her 30 minutes of walk over the next 10 days. Then we’ll add 5 more minutes of trot each week until we reach 25 minutes of trot. At that time, if all is going well, we can add in some canter, then circles and eventually return to full work. We will start the trot in hand for the first few times and then add the weight of a rider, first at the walk then at the trot. Karma has just been a star during her time off and we are looking forward to a full recovery over the next few months. Her disposition has remained genuinely sweet and endearing to all she meets. Dr. Fleck thinks she is a peach!