Kelly was the last of the Graham horses to arrive at SAFE, but no less loved. Actually, she quickly cemented herself as a volunteer favorite (we all know size doesn’t matter, but it’s hard not to instantly love the really big and really small ones). It was really her gentle demeanor and kind eyes that drew people to Kelly. She had a sweetness about her that was undeniable. And a patience too — as we battled to find out just what was going on with her itchy legs, she let us salve and spray and bathe her to high heavens, even when it was clear she would really rather not. She was, by all accounts, a very special horse. 

It just so happened that the wonderful humans at Stevens Animal Sanctuary were looking for a horse who matched Kelly’s description nearly to a T. You see, they had recently lost their draft resident, and were looking to fill a very large hole in their hearts. Lucky for all parties involved, Kelly was more than ready to move on to her forever home. 

The lovely people from Steven’s came out to meet Kelly and found her just as delightful as we did. We made quick plans to get her to greener pastures, literally, as soon as possible, and it was not long before she was loading up into the trailer to make the drive over to the Enumclaw area to her new home. 

Because of the nature of their mission, Kelly’s home at Steven’s will be for the rest of her life. She will spend it surrounded by the other diverse residents of the sanctuary – horses, yes, but cows and goats and sheep and other four-legged friends as well. We could not have envisioned a more perfect future for Kelly, surrounded by love and great care from all sides. 

You can follow Steven’s Animal Sanctuary for updates on Kelly and the rest of their herd.