Khianna is one of a group of horses belonging to a woman who is battling cancer. When she realized that her strength would soon be fading and her finances depleted, she contacted SAFE for help. We listed the horses under our SAFE-Assisted Placement program, and together with Sound Equine Option of Oregon, we provided her horses with shots and dental care.

We were very excited when Khianna was placed, but we were in the middle of plans to bring two more of these horses up to SAFE when we got word from the adopter that he would not be keeping Khianna. Although the adoption was barely more than three weeks along, Khianna was not getting along with the man’s other horse and had kicked the horse. In Khianna’s best interest, we took her back, and she was delivered to SAFE this past weekend.

Khianna needs a lot of handling, and that’s what she’ll get now that she’s a resident at SAFE. We’ll be evaluating her under saddle and hopefully we can get her into a regular work schedule too. We are confident that this mare can be turned around with time and lots of attention. We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Here are some photos taken after she arrived at SAFE: