Update from Jeanette who, with help from our friends at Sound Equine Options, went down and helped the owner of the horses in Castle Rock get the horses up to date on all their routine care: 

Khianna — Kianna was initially very sweet. She did seem to get a bit more agitated when Blu did but certainly not to the extreme that he did. We were able to halter her before the mild sedative was given.

Her dental was not as good. She had steps in her bite & hooks as well as ulceration to the inside of her mouth. Her bite was evened out as much as possible but the vet recommends keeping her on a yearly float cycle due to the stepping. This looks like it will be an ongoing issue.  Her feet appear to be healthy but look like they are in need of a trim again soon.

All 3 mares have wearing on the front of the lower teeth. Vet says it’s from overgrazing short grass. It does not appear to interfere with digestion or overall tooth health but indicates they may have had too much pasture time.