Khianna had her annual check up and was a very good patient. During her dental float Dr. DeWard confirmed the poor mouth conformation but noted that the last float did a good job in helping  the issues he would have expected to see. He suggests a visual check in 6 months but expects her to go 12–18 months before her next float. During her exam he noted an 8mm inclusion on her left eye about the width of a hair. There was no sign of trauma, infection or pain but he did apply a stain and it did take the stain. While he wouldn’t expect a simple inclusion to take the stain it still shows no sign of an actual injury & since it doesn’t appear to affect her vision or cause pain we’re going to note & monitor it going forward. Khianna has also had some ongoing weepyness in her right eye so  he stained that one as well for good measure. Nothing of concern was noted. The stain didn’t appear to be draining through the nasal passages so he decided to flush them and the left eye flushed fine but he discovered that the right side “does not appear to flush/communicate with the eye”, indicating a blockage. It could be fixed surgically but since there’s no comfort or health issues for the eye so surgery would be considered cosmetic.

Khianna appears to be in good weight & has a really lovely coat to show off her pinto patterns. She is in need of some conditioning, however. She exhibits a flaring at the elbow at rest which could just be lack of muscle development/tone in the shoulders and forearms. She also has a slight dropped appearance to her fetlocks but there is no suspensory pain, heat or swelling so we will monitor her as she heads into saddle training next week.  Consistent work and conditioning should help her quite a bit.

Her ground training has really paid off. She was very easy to catch and handle and while understandably cautious around all the new equipment, she took direction well and was a doll to stand and take her injections. She really wants to connect and please and someday someone is going to get a really amazing little horse to build a close relationship with.