One of our volunteers, Lise A. has spent some time recently with Cramer, and had the following to say about her experience:

I have had the good fortune of getting to start grooming Cramer in early February (with Terry’s guidance of course). He and I have gotten to hang out two to three times a week. He is a big, furry and funny guy. I sure wish we knew what is going on inside that large head with the matching fuzzy cheek whorls. 

As you may have noticed Cramer tends to roll in the mud of his turn out. And with Otto gone he had gotten to stretch out a bit more between both paddock areas. (now that Tiva has arrived it will be fun to see how they do together). 

Wherever Cramer is he manages (if you haven’t noticed) to deposit his massive pile of poops from one end to the other of his turnout. Only those that know horses and muck will appreciate their size and the fact that there is no way you can fit it in one pitch fork scoop!

He was quite a stinker until a bath last month.  And after a day or two, well yes, it is hard to tell. He is well loved in-spite of himself. And though I groom him, he is very hard to get clean so no one would ever know I was there! 

He halters easily and loves to be curried almost everywhere though he is a little shy around his head and feet at times but is getting better with more loving! He will usually get his “seal nose” on with licking and chewing in the front and swing his butt back and forth in the back. As his tail swings back and forth I am left wondering what music Cramer is hearing. 

There have been a few days when he can be a bit impatient with grooming and can’t be bothered with standing around for too long. But, when I release him he will always follow me wondering why I would leave him behind — “didn’t I know that he was just kidding and wasn’t quite done yet”. 

Cramer is a big guy and seems to have a big heart and there is likely a big story to tell that none of us will ever know. However,  we can all hope that he will unwind and learn to trust in each of us as we stop by to say “hi”. With each loving contact, my wish is that he will learn that he has landed at a great stopping place …. on his way to finding a forever home.