Auburn couple accused of starving horse charged with animal cruelty
By Denise Whitaker
Aired on Feb 2 2012

AUBURN, Wash. — An Auburn couple is facing animal cruelty charges after they allegedly let one of their horses nearly starve to death.

Prosecutors say Jason Markley and Cherish Thomas were negligent for not consulting a veterinarian and allowing the condition of their horse, Mr. Pibb, to deteriorate.

An organization called Save a Forgotten Equine, or SAFE, took Mr. Pibb into its care and brought him back to good health.

You could see his ribs. You could see his hip and he had a condition called rain rot right here. When that happens, their hair literally comes out in clumps,” said SAFE’s Bonnie Hammond. 

Prosecutors charged both Markley and Thomas with animal cruelty, but Markley denies the charges. He said the couple fed the horse, which was a Christmas present for their kids, different types of food and hay, but none of it worked. Read the full article at