Lacey and Erika participated in the June Joel Conner clinic at SAFE. Here’s what Erika had to say about the experience:

This was my second clinic working with Lacey, and this time we went back to basics. We spent a lot of time working on moving her front-quarters, both going forward and backing up. Her hindquarters are easily moved, but she tends to put her weight on her front end, which gets her a bit stuck when transitioning between gaits. As she continues to get and keep her weight on her hind end, she transitions between walk/trot/lope much more easily, both going up and going down.
We will continue to focus on her front end, by doing tons of circles, every time we work. The circles are helpful not only in helping her transition through gaits, but also in stopping and being able to rock back and back up.
Lacey is an absolute pleasure to work with, and she will make a fabulous horse for her future family!