Lacey has taken a real liking to her fence line buddy, Freya. It was very cute when we first turned Freya out with the mare herd next to Lacey, the two of them spent a ton of time talking to each other through the fence. Then for days Freya would be found next to Lacey along the fence line just hanging out. The two mares are also stalled next to each other in the barn. When the better weather comes, and if both mares are still here, we may look for a nice big area for them to get acquainted and turned out (at non-feeding times) together. Lacey can be turned out with other horses but they just have to be the right temperament. She must be the boss and they have to be very submissive. Something about Freya’s old wisdom must interest Lacey because it is clear they are already showing us they are friends.