Lacey Lacey Lacey…what a difficult pony you can be! 

Lacey participated in the recent Joel Conner clinic and gave the small, social-distanced audience quite a show, bucking and squealing away at the rope. It looks like it’s going to be a long journey for Lacey to overcome her ticklishness at the rope and things touching her hind area. While we’ve been riding Lacey for years, she always had this little explosiveness tucked away in her. Every once in a while, this would come out under saddle, causing a couple volunteer rider spills. After the most recent one last November, we decided we needed to take her back to groundwork and figure out how we can help prevent future episodes. It looks like it’s going to take a lot of perfectly timed releases and just the right amount of pressure to help Lacey feel more comfortable. Fortunately, we have some very dedicated volunteers and Lacey has stolen more than a few hearts. We are here for the long haul for our little pony, whether it takes one year, or it takes ten.