Lacey has been enjoying some time off this year; eating yummy grass, sleeping in her cozy stall, enjoying long naps in the sun, and spending time with her fenceline buddies (one of which was a very sweet donkey who she liked very much). Since Lacey let us know that her horsemanship journey is going to take some time, dedication, and very skilled energy, we decided to wait until we could really dedicate that effort to restarting her under saddle. That was not in the cards for this year as we had many rather difficult horses to start and we knew they would take much of our time. Lacey didn’t seem to mind the break and time to reset and she’s been behaving well for the vets, the farriers, and the volunteers. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to dedicate the time to help Lacey through her riding difficulties starting in the spring, but in the meantime, we’re happy to be able to see her sweet face napping quietly or diving into her hay net excitedly. Lacey is a very special member of our herd and we’re ready to do whatever it takes for her to have a lifetime of safety.