I just thought I’d update Lexi’s thread. 

She’s a volunteer favorite. She’s so sweet and easy to handle. It seems like she’s always out getting groomed or loved on. 

I rode her a few times last fall in anticipation of her being looked at by a potential adopter (and of course, before that, she was at a great foster home where she was being worked consistently) but I don’t think she’s been ridden much since then. Figuring she was long overdue I pulled her out for a little spin. She was sweet, willing, and not balky under saddle. I only rode her for 20 or so minutes and then put her away. We didn’t even attempt a canter because she can be somewhat unballanced at the canter and I didn’t want to push it with her when I know she hasn’t been in work recently. I always forget how much fun she is to ride.