POSTED 9:59 AM, SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

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SEATTLE — If you love horses- and are looking for one- this gorgeous mare may be the one for you.

Q13 is partnering with the Limelight Pet Project to help get Lacey adopted.

She is a five-year-old mustang looking for someone who to love her and that’s dedicated to earning her trust.

She loves going out on trails,” Director of SAFE Horse Rescue Operations Terry Phelps said.“She’s pretty brave, she does jump. She looks pretty up in a frame so even somebody doing English with her would be good.”

Lacey came to SAFE Horse Rescue about three years ago from a home that wasn’t able to give her enough to eat.

Lacey is in good spirits now, but workers at the rescue say she is best suited with someone experienced.

She’s not a kid’s horse yet,” Phelps said. “But she’s really close. She had some behavioral stuff when she came in; she was quite young and untrained.”

A shorter rider may be best for Lacey- she’s small but stout, standing 13-three hands.

Lacey also packs a lot of personality; she has an opinion and isn’t afraid to show it.

Lacey is a dominant mare, so if you have other horses, she is best kept on her own or with another horse that doesn’t mind letting her take the lead.

If you think Lacey would be a good fit for you, head to and fill out an application.