Lexee, one of our SAFE volunteers worked with Lacey in the March Joel Connor Clinic and here is what she had to say about it.

Ms. Lacey has taught me so much the last 6 months. I’ve been given an awesome opportunity to work with one of the most challenging horses I have ever met and learn not only a bunch about her and this horsemanship, but also about myself. She tests you without any bounds and until you can be true to your feel, she will not open up to the horse we know she can be.

She and I have been working mostly on life, for herself and I, which for her, when she has life a lot of holes pop up. She is used to going through life, dull, purely going through the motions of her work where she seems balanced however, as soon as you add life she starts to fall apart. This is where the real work begins. It’s amazing to see how unbalanced she truly is when she starts moving out. She then feels that and feels vulnerable, striking out and biting at the things she think will kill her because she doesn’t feel like she can get away.

My goal when working with her, is to show her how to get some life, “move your feet and you’ll be free”. Throwing the rope up on her back and getting out before she has time for an immediate reaction. This will then work up to her working with Terry or Joel and the lariat rope, where she’ll be able to use life as a tool, and not a hindrance. She will one day carry the rope on her back and not boggle down and buck. Hopefully one day she can realize that she can move and isn’t as reactive to the obstacles in her life, bringing balance not only to her feet, but to her emotional state of mind.”