Lola has been working quite hard at her in-hand halter and showmanship over the last few weeks and we were all disappointed when she could not get to the SAFE show last weekend due to a sudden illness in her foster family and a trailer/schedule mishap that left her and Coconut at home. Kelli had her all outfitted with a very cute western halter too It turns out that she even had a family that was interested in meeting her come out to the show to cheer her on and while the missed her, apparently they were excited to see the SAFE horses do so well 

This morning they came to meet her at home at KCJ. They’ve been Lola fans for some time and live in the area so we arranged a meet n greet and she got a little love in & they got to see how pretty she is…and how well she is doing in-hand as she practiced backing, pivoting, trotting & walking nicely beside Kelli who’s been working with her.

Kelli did report that Lola has been playing “Hard to get” lately and I got to experience that first hand when the farrier came today 

We finally devised a plan to halter up Basil and lead him to the gate and then she walked right up, stood still and let me halter her. This was after 20 minutes of running off every time I got close.

Once haltered, she was very respectful and nice on the lead. She did start to give John some attitude with the first foot, but he corrected her and she was actually the best she’s been for trims after that. 

John had lots of complements for her including that she has really nice feet and that she’s put together fairly well and should be a very nice riding horse when the time comes & expects that she may only grow another 2″ but if she takes after the Arab side in her, she could continue to grow & possibly get up to 14 hands at age 5–7. She’s currently in very good condition according to him as well.

He added that she could definitely be cross-registered Appaloosa because she carries all the marking requirements if someone was interested in a registry-based show career for her. Apparently he’s got some experience in that area. At least that’s something else to add to the possibilities that are Lola