Wish I had had my video camera handy this afternoon. I went out to the back pasture to look for one of Rolo’s shoes that he pulled and Lola and Sinatra started racing each other around the entire perimeter of the pasture, then back into their paddock, and then back around the pasture, back into the paddock, etc etc. Lola was running so fast!! She’s such a tiny thing but she can really move. I think she wants to be Zenyatta when she grows up. And she was bucking and jumping in the air and just have a great time.

She’s been here for a couple weeks now and she’s been a lot of fun to have around. She and Sinatra are joined at the hip, but every so often she’ll show him what’s what. She’s a little flirt with my big boys, especially Rolo, and whenever I load him into the trailer, she’ll start calling for him in this little tiny whinny that is SO cute.